Real Math!
How can we use free manipulatives at our disposal to make math real for students?

By Boravy      May 5, 2018 -- 11:26 AM
Carrie, I really like your approach of using the ADDIE model in a project based lesson with students, giving them the opportunity to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate their project. By having them work together on a project, you’re allowing them to tap into and apply some of the 21st Century skills, collaboration and problem solve skills. Your directions to the students are clear and concise. I like how you’ve included pictures with the directions on how to tie the rubber band on, how to hold it to the wall, and how to record the length of her fall. The free resources was another plus to your website. Great job!

By Lucita Jordan      May 5, 2018 -- 01:40 AM

WOW Carrie... I bet your students had a blast with this fun, unique and collaborative math lesson. It was great how you embedded your own video to capture the lesson on making predictions about length. No copyright issues here. Have you thought about licensing your video with Creative Commons?
Your Website was also well organized, comprehensive and appealing.
I was also impressed by your ability to incorporate all the ADDIE principles into your lesson. I think you are onto something that feels REAL! Wishing you continued success and hopefully you will have a chance to learn more about the Daily 5 and Daily 3 for math.

By Veronica Ibarra      May 4, 2018 -- 07:34 PM
Carrie, I was beyond impressed with your website. Using the ADDIE Model to show mathematical applications to teachers was impressive. The template you used was very appealing and the purpose was evident. I think that the resource you are providing students and their families are extremely helpful. The images you used all varied and were appropriate. You used many learning objects such as tables, a quiz, videos, and many web tools that students can use for free. “Real Math!” is appealing to me because you used Barbie dolls for a project in 8th grade. I can tell you get to know your students and know what they need. The resources you provided them will definitely be useful for your students and for teachers. You also taught teachers about the ADDIE model through the project, and I found your descriptions of the phases for this project helpful. Carrie, thank you for the free resources!Sincerely, Veronica Ibarra

By Danny Sein      May 4, 2018 -- 02:34 PM
Carrie it is evident that the students will be applying the ADDIE model in their project. By incorporating the entire process of ADDIE into their project, the lesson will be more meaningful and effective. Your web page will be a great place for teachers to re-create the lesson. Each tab on the web page builds upon each other. You are creating lifelong learners by making math real and hands on.

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