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When all work is done, students should always end a project with a presentation of their findings.  Students can make powerpoint slides, websites, blogs, or even cardboard poster boards to present what they have discovered.  In a well-done lesson, the students should be able to describe the problem they were trying to solve, the evidence they collected to solve the problem, and an analysis of their answer.  Students should present all findings to the class and to parents or community members.  In class, students can compare how the type of manipulative used can affect outcomes.  In the Barbie project, students are given different types and sizes of Barbies.  This can bring out a discussion on how height and weight may affect the overall outcome of the cord lengths.  Giving the students a scheduled presentation date will also keep students accountable for work quality and accuracy.  When students know that they will be presenting their work in front of others, they are more likely to put forth the effort to make a quality project to avoid embarrassment.



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