Mindfulness in the Classroom
What are the Benefits of Yoga in the Classroom?

The Goal of this Project is to Explore the Benefits and Practices of Implementing Yoga in the Classroom by the following Objectives:

  • To Define "Mindfulness"
  • To Offer Research-Based Literature on the Benefits
  • Implementation Demonstrations with Sample Lessons
  • Alignment with Standards
  • To Address Issues and Concerns
The purpose of the project is to give educators the tools needed to implement mindfulness practices in the classroom


What is Mindfulness?


Paying attention, in a particular way, moment
by moment, without judging


Being present in the moment aware of
thoughts/emotions and what is going on around


Pay attention to what you are doing while you
are doing it...with kindness towards ourselves
and others





Classroom Mindfulness

Focus Content Area:

Secondary Content Area:
Professional Development
Grade Level: