The Power of Music
How does music impact you?


Music has been around for centuries.  Music extends across age groups, crosses cutlure barriers, creates a range of emotions as well as heal in ways unimaginable.  Music impacts people in different ways. This purpose of this website is to discuss the impacts of music and help develop the learner in the following ways:

  • The student learner will be able to understand music impacts and develop a deeper admiration and respect for all music.
  • The music director, singer, musician, DJ and others who function in a musical capacity, will be able to understand music impacts and have a better understanding of the type of music that best suits various occasions to create the best experience.

This site will explore the following:

  • How does music impact the brain?
  • How does music impact the learner?
  • What are the emotional impact of music?
  • What role does music play in healing?



Before we explore the power of music.  Please click the link below to take a 5 question survey to get your mind to start thinking about how you perceive music.


Music and Me Survey



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