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Philosophy of Education


When I was a Sr. Trainer for Verizon Wireless, I learned that teaching adults was a challenge within itself.  There were many who were set in their ways and many who were afraid of change. Working at a wireless technology company meant there would be constant change.  Whenever there was a major change in technology, for example, when we transitioned from 3G data to LTE data, there was major push back from participants in the training classes. 


I read a quote one day and begin to use it in my training classes and I still use it in my management career. The quote says" You learn something every day if you pay attention" by Ray LeBlond.  That quote speaks volumes because there are many who came to my classes and immediately counted themselves out and said they could not grasp the change.  Being able to say to the class "tell me one thing you've learned this week," started the class to think. I recall one person mentioned they purchased a new car and I began to ask them "What kind of radio is in the vehicle?", "Is this the same kind of radio that was in your previous vehicle?", "How did you learn how to operate this new radio?"


When asking these simple questions some light bulbs began to come on in the minds of these adults, so I was then able to say, "so you are able to learn new things." Being able to point out that you learn everyday if you pay attention helped ease the anxiety some had with learning the new technology.  Therefore, I stand by this quote and even use it for myself when I feel overwhelmed and it helps me make it through the tough times.