The Power of Music
How does music impact you?
Create Your Own Playlist

Now that you have a better understanding of the impact of music. Lets now go to, where you will create your very own playlist for an event of your choice.  After your playlist is created, go to the Music Activity blog (on the left) and post your responses to the following in two separate posts. 


1st Post:

1. Why you selected the songs in your playlist?

2. How do you think your playlist will impact others based upon the music you selected? How will it make someone feel?

3. What type of event was your playlist created for?


2nd Post:

Listen to another classmates playlist and describe:

1. How did the playlist make you feel?

2. What type of event do you think the playlist would best suit? Wedding, Party, Formal Event, etc.

Instructions for creating a playlist on YouTube:

1. Open YouTube.

2. Create a free account(if you do not have one)

3. Login
4. Go to a video
5. Tap Add to
6. Tap Create new playlist
7. Enter a name for your playlist
8. Select privacy settings
9. Tap or OK