Aquaponics 101
What is aquaponics and how does it work?

Have you ever wanted to grow and cultivate your own food? 


If you answered YES, aquaponics may be for you.


Aquaponics combines the process of raising of fish and growing soilless plants and vegetation.  The fish's water and waste is pumped from their home (their tank) and drained into a bed of plants and vegetation.  The waste from the fish is called microbes and feeds the plants and vegetation the necessary food to grow into beautiful and tasteful food. 


The water also assists the plants and vegetation with health growth then, is drained back into the fish's home.  Since the plants eat up the microbes (fish waste), the water returning to the fish tank is cleaner due to the filtration from the plants.


There are many, many, many different ways to setup your aquaponics system.  This site is designed to teach you how to create a basic setup.  As you become more comfortable with your aquaponics system, feel free to explore new and bigger ways for more food. 

 The Aquaponics Cycle