To Infinity and Beyond
How do patterns of the sky help us understand how the moon, sun, and stars move across the sky?

In first grade, students become Astronomers. They learn to explore, take notes and create their own diorama and Powerpoint presentation.  In this website student will transform into astronomers using hands on activities to explore and learn all about the Earth, sun, moon, and stars.  The activities are for parents, students and teachers to work together. The lessons are engaging, interactive and videos highlighting the solar system.  The final product is amazing!


Next Generation Science Standards: 1 ess1-1

Use observations of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted.


Learning Objectives:

1. I can understand what an astronomer studies.

2. I can understand the patterns of the Earth, moon, sun, and stars.

3. You will compare day and night.

4. You will be able to explain the movement of objects (Sun, moon, stars) in the sky.

5. You will explain why the moon looks different at different times.