It's A Keto Life
Understanding the Keto Diet and How it Can Help You

By Joseph Chez      November 4, 2019 -- 06:36 AM
Hello Nika,

I like your site. I noticed you linked to (weight-loss/tips-plans/keto-meal-plans). I actually created an infographic with all the keto diet for beginners data.

You can actually go here (, embed that infographic into your blog post that way people can understand the data and message easier.

If you use it, feel free to link back to my site, which is health, weight loss and fitness related.

Have a nice day!

Joseph Chez
Natural Health Gems

By emmathompson      September 5, 2019 -- 10:44 AM
link text

By Rosemarie      May 5, 2018 -- 09:47 PM

This is a very well-crafted website. Your organizational skills are impressive. The information is relayed in a logical sequence, granting the viewer more and more needed information as they click through the sequence of your tabs. Each page is a feast to the eyes, especially the “foods you can eat” page, I got hungry by just reading and glancing over at your graphics!

Your creation is a site that I would have on my favorite bar because it is packed with edible knowledge. I hope you keep updating and adding in your own story and progress. I have heard it is an effective diet, but one with side effect concerns, which you did address openly, on one of your tabs.

A very comprehensive project, obviously, that you spent a lot of time on, thanks for sharing.

By Cindy Graham      May 5, 2018 -- 08:21 PM

I am really impressed with your website. It is well organized and focused, and I can see that you applied the ADDIE model as you were creating it. It’s user friendly, and the content is understandable for your intended audience.

The title of your website is attention catching which is a plus when someone is looking at which website to click on. For me, an interesting title makes me feel that I am going to find the information that I am looking for, and not just boring, basic info. I also like the template that you chose--for some reason it reminds me of homey kitchen, or bakery wallpaper.

The images of food that you chose looked really yummy which is what we all want to see when choosing a new lifestyle diet.

The survey in the last tab is a great addition for someone who is interested in this diet especially after going through all of the informational tabs first.

It would be a cool addition if you added some videos (or did a webinar!) of people making Keto diet meals as a tutorial.

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