It's A Keto Life
Understanding the Keto Diet and How it Can Help You
The Dark Side of Keto

As with any diet, the ketogenic diet has some side effects that may cause a person to be uncomfortable, however the dieter must decide if the benefits outweigh the side effects. 

Here are just a few to consider: 


1. Leg cramps

When you go on low carb eating spree your insulin levels will be low causing cramping because you’re also not eating fruit and not getting enough potassium. Drinking coconut water can help.


2.Stunted growth in children



Some children who are on the Keto Diet to ease epilepsy symptoms are known to have instances of stunted growth. Giving children supplements vs. carb loaded foods to get the missing nutrients will help prevent this.

3. Keto Flu

Flu-like symptoms occurs during the first two weeks on the Keto diet. It’s basically withdraw symptoms from loss of sugar and carbs. Normally the dieter will start to feel better after about 5 days.


4. Bad breath

When the body creates ketones, it excretes them through the lungs which is the culprit of the bad breath. This will subside over time especially if the dieter drinks plenty of water.



This occurs when the body is in digestive distress or bloating from the increased vegetable and protein intake. Once all carbs are cleared and the dieter increases his/her fiber intake this goes away.

6. Food cravings

The body will go through withdrawals from processed foods and sugars. It’s normal to experience cravings for these foods especially snacks.