Summer@Bay Farm 2019
What are you doing this summer? Let's have fun learning online!
Where are you going this summer?

What are you doing?

Use our Padlet and post a sticky note about your travel during the summer and we’ll keep track of everyone’s travels. You can add pictures from your travels too! 

  1. Be sure to take pictures and keep them in a folder on the desktop  of your computer!
  2. Drag a picture from your folder onto the Padlet and wait for it to post.
  3. Click on the pencil attached to your picture and write your name and your comments about where you went.
  4. Click anywhere on the wall space and your picture and writing should be posted to the wall for everyone to see!

*This is also a peek at how we use Padlet at school to show what we know when we research facts for reports and presentations and when we give opinions about topics we are learning about!

Have fun and share with us where you go this summer!

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