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Topic: Food and Healthy Diets

This lesson is for Adult Students learning English as a second language.

Topic:   Food and Healthy Diets

Student Level: -  Learners at Intermediate Level of English

                        -  2nd year Students majoring English at College/ University




This lesson comprises 2 sections : In class and Online Learning.

The topic focused on in the lesson is FOOD AND HEALTHY DIETS

A saying "We are what we eat" illustrates an image of the relationship between health and the food we consume. By combining some learning activities in class and documents/ materials for reading and listening online from various websites, the lesson provides students with vocabulary, terms, phrases and basic knowledge about food and diets. Through these activities, students will be getting familiar with online learning to widen knowledge, and willl obtain deep understanding on how to keep healthy with their daily meals.Moreover, the lesson designed with class-based activities and online learning can build student confidence and encourage their engagement in the learning process.

The lesson has been designed step by step, including:


1. Introduction:

  • Warm Up: Students will be shown some pictures of different cuisines with multiple choice answers for them to pick. The answer keys can be seen at the bottom of the page.
  • Vocabulary:  from basic vocabulary on food and diets, nutrients, to food idioms. 
  • Pronunciation: this section will help students pronounce the words and phrases correctly. This will also enhance their speaking skill and listening skill.
  • Activities in class: There are two activities focusing on speaking skill and collaborative skill/ team work to finish the project designed in the class activities.
2. Online Learning:
  • For further learning, students can take the section Online Learning to have more articles, materials to enhance reading skill and videos to improve listening skill. All comes with the links in the sections.
  • The Assessment section including Basic Knowlege and Rubric for Speaking and Writing, and Quiz & Reflection are provided for students to test themselves on the knowledge and language they have learned. The Quizzes can be challenging in terms of knowledge, but not difficult in the English language used. Doing some quizzes is the good way for students to review the knowledge and learn new things related to the topic Food and Healthy Diets.
  • Students also can leave their comments on the Comment section.



Students who learn English as a second language at Intermediate level often have difficulty expressing their ideas and thoughts related to scientific knowledge in English in general. Regarding  food and health subject, they may understand the core value of this subject in their native language; however, in terms of English, the limited vocabulary as well as listening skills may prevent them from further understanding, exchanging knowledge and applying it into their life.

Learning Objectives

By the ends of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Define vocabulary and key terms associated with different types of food, nutrition, balanced diets.
  • Well understand and describe the meanings of Food Paramid.
  • Describe the benefits of eating healthy food.
  • Debate some topics related to food and diets.
  • Apply their understanding and knowledge of food into improving their health.
  • Improve their pronunciation.
  • Write an essay on the topic " Food and Health" (minimum 300 words)


             Are these foods healthy?


Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan
Focus Content Area:

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Junior/Community College