Game On... or Game Over?
Are video games a brain drain -- or a great way to train your brain?
Your Mission

Hello gamers,

In this game you will participate in a controversial topic. As you read and research, you will have to pick a side! Are you GAME ON or GAME OVER?


There are multiple persectives  on this topic. In order to move onto the next level and gain your own VICTORY ROYALE. You must make an evidence based decision on whether video games drain your brain or train your brain. With this decision you will need to provide evidence to support your claim. If you are able to present your ideas in a well written paragraph and convince the Ultimate Gamer...Ms. Galindo. Then you will WIN!

Here are some words to know:

  • ability
  • coordination
  • entertainment
  • social
  • addiction
  • distract
  • interactive
  • violent

These words will facilitate your journey through this video games levels.

Ready...Set... Go!