Building Better School Environments for Youth Through Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
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By Aarti Sharma      September 30, 2018 -- 09:30 PM
Shomonique, I had no previous knowledge of PBIS, so found your presentation enlightening. Your breakdown of the tiers of support into individual pages with accompanying resources helps to clarify each level. All your resources definitely added to the knowledge, and the way you structured them kept them from being overwhelming. The order of your pages also helps with the flow and assists with understanding. I found your work incredibly informative, and would love to share it with my coworkers.

By Michelle Howell      September 30, 2018 -- 11:34 AM
Hi, Shomonique!

What a pleasure it was to see your site. It is well laid out and very informative indeed. I liked how you are trying to help teachers by adding live links to resources that are easily accessible. Behavior is a big thing that teachers are struggling with and the way that you presented your information was not difficult to understand at all. I looked at that video "Every Kid Needs a Champion" and you were right. The content is easy to understand, so good in fact, that if a teacher is at their whits end, they can watch this and know that their merits are not ignored.

The flow was really good and I appreciate the fact that the links lead into each other.

Thank you for your hard work. I am definitely sharing this with my school.

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