My eCoach: New Editor Tutorial
A Step-by-Step Guide

Objects and Images


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Insert an Image


You can drag and drop any image to the editor
(NOTE: make sure you have rights to use that image).


Upload an image

Click on the image icon and it opens the Image Info tab.

Go to the Upload tab.


Browse to find the image.


Send it to the Server. (Don'f forget this action)


Click Insert.



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Edit Images


The Image Properties box lets you change the size, alignment, and look of the image. The URL field will have the url where the image is in the resource folder in My eCoach.

Alternative text makes your site and image readable and more accessible for your audience.


You can change the size by typing in the pixels in the Width field and the Height will adjust proportinally.


You can add a Border by typing a number from 1-10. 1 is a thin border. It will appear so you can see and adjust the size before you choose.


HSpace is how much margin you want on the left and right of your image. You are using pixels so experiment with 5-10 pixels


VSpace is how much margin on the top and bottom.


Alignment places the image left or right. If you keep the Alignment , the image stays in line with the text.



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Insert a Box with Header


Place a box left, center, or right choosing a pixel width.


To remove box, click cancel or on small box on top left and click delete.



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Insert Lines, Breaks, and Special Characters


Insert a Horizontal Line


Horizontal lines separate sections on your pages.



Insert Special Characters




Insert a Smiley


Place your cursor where you want to insert a Smiley, then choose the smiley.


Insert a Page Break

Use this to add a break for printing your page


Insert a Timestamp


The current date and time is: Wed Aug 28 2019 11:59:32 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) The system will use the time on your computer.



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