My eCoach: New Editor Tutorial
A Step-by-Step Guide

Links, Anchors, and Documents


Quick Links





Add or Remove Link 



1. Quick way to link a URL (Drag and Drop)

  • You can drag a URL from the URL bar to the editor to place it on the page and have it automatically link it for you.

2. Click the Link icon.  Insert a link to a URL, email, or other address

  • Click the link icon and choose the Link Type.
  • Choose the appropriate protocol (https://, https://, or other formats.
  • Type the URL in the URL field and click OK.
  • To remove the link, select the linked text and click unlink.



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Insert and Link Anchor 



This is the icon for making an anchor. What is so cool about this editor is that you can easily link to different areas on your page with anchors. Some people like to create a long page with a way to have shortcuts or similar to a table of contents at the top.


  • Click at the top of your page where you want the anchor.

  • Insert an anchor and name it “top” and a red flag will appear where you clicked .

  • Go to the bottom of the page and type and select the word: Back to Top

  • Click the Link icon and choose Link to anchor in the text.

  • Select an Anchor and choose the Anchor Name: Top

  • Click OK.


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Attach a Document


Use the Link icon to attach a document.

  • Type the name you wish to give your document in the page you are working on.
  • Highlight the name.
  • Click the Link icon.
  • Choose the Upload tab.
  • Browse to locate the document to be attached.
  • Click OK.

Your document will now be linked.