My eCoach: New Editor Tutorial
A Step-by-Step Guide


Tutorial for New Editor in My eCoach


This new editor offers many of the same features that were in the current editor. You may have noticed that the current editor no longer works with online programs. So we found this editor that even lets you drag and drop images, place videos using the URL, and more.


Tools to change the font and text


Styles has multiple font styles to choose from.

  • Make sure you scroll up and down to see all of them.

  • If you don’t want to use any from the list, keep it on “Styles.”


The second pull-down menu is to format headers and paragraphs

  • Normal is the default and what you probably will use for the body of your text.

  • Heading 1 works well for main titles and chapter titles.

  • Type a word or sentence and try any of the different heading sizes.

There are 10 different font styles to choose from.

  • Arial

  • Comic Sans MS

  • Courier New

  • Georgia

  • Lucida Sans Unicode

  • Tahoma

  • Times New Roman

  • Trebuchet

  • Verdana

First pull-down is the text color.

  • Type and select your text.

  • Choose a color and change the color of the text you selected.

Use the second pull-down to hIghlight text.

  • Select the text you want to highlight.

  • Choose the color and highlight the text you selected.




Shows the source code of what you typed or placed in the text box.


This is the text → looks like this in the source code.

 Link or unlink a URL or email address.

  • You can drag a URL to the editor and it will link it for you.

  • You can type the URL and select, then click on the link icon.

  • To remove the link, select the linked text and click unlink.


 This is the icon for making an anchor. What is so cool about this editor is that you can easily link to different areas on your page with anchors. Some people like to create a long page with a way to have shortcuts at the top. Type your index at the top.






Back to Top

  • Insert an anchor at the Top and name it “top”

  • Select the text Back to Top

  • Use the Link icon to link to anchor in text.


Text Formatting Tools

B = Bold

I = Italicize

U = Underline

S = Strikethrough

X2 = Superscript

X2 = Subscript

TX = Clear formatting






Have you noticed that when you hit return you get a space between the lines?

  • Actually, when you save or send your message or post, the extra space does not appear.

  • If this extra space bothers you, hold down the Shift key when you click return OR

  • Select the text and choose the bullet or number list.


Paragraph Formatting Tools

Numbered and Bullet lists

Indent Paragraph

Click on the paragraph to indent or not indent



Add a Quote

 Click in the paragraph and then make it a quote

Alignment Tool

Align the text left, center, right, and justified


Text Direction

You can change the direction of your text.

The translater is not working righ tnow.

Maximize the screen

If you need to make the editing area larger, click maximize.

Cut and Paste

Select text to cut, copy, and paste

You can also paste as code or paste as word.





Find, Replace and Check Spelling

Find a word or phrase in your text.

Find a word and automatically replace it with another word.

Select all the text.

Check spelling using the spell checker.


Insert Objects


Insert an Image

You can drag and drop any image to the editor (just make sure you have rights to use that image).


You can also upload an image.

Click on the image icon.

Go to the Upload tab

Browse to find the image.

Then Send it to the Server.

The Image Info tab opens.


Edit Images


On the Image Properties box, change the size, add a border, add alternative text, align the image.




Insert a Box with Header


Place a box left, center, or right choosing a pixel width. To remove box, click on small box on top left and click delete.

Insert an Audio File

Place a podcast or other audio files in text.

Browse and send an audio file to the server.

Audio info appears. Choose alignment.

Click OK.



Insert a Video or Object


You can embed any video that is on the internet. Go to YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare or another site that shares videos or embeddable files. Copy the link.

Paste the link into the editor and the video will automatically appear.



Insert a Table