My eCoach: New Editor Tutorial
A Step-by-Step Guide

This new editor offers many of the same features that are in the current editor. Use this outline  of new features to get a head start using our new editor. For more detailed instructions refer to the New Editor Tutorial.

TYPING TEXT - Notice that text will appear with a space between the lines. It will become single spaced after you SAVE and then VIEW your project. If you want single spacing press RETURN while holdiing down the shift key.


INSERTING A URL - You can drag a URL to the editor and it will link it for you. (Highlight the entire URL first and then drag and drop into the editor.)

CREATING ANCHORS - Use the anchor icon to create a list of shortcuts at the top of a long page which link to areas of text.


ADDING QUOTES - Using the Add a Block Quote tool allows you to click on a paragraph,  indent it and make it a quote.



CUT AND PASTE tools now allow you to select text to cut, copy and paste. You can also paste as code or pasts from Word to remove the bad code.

FIND, REPLACE AND SPELL CHECK is now possible with the new editor tools.
DRAG AND DROP AN IMAGE - You can now drag and drop any image, (Just make sure you have rights to the that image.) UPLOADING AN IMAGE - After clicking on the image icon you will need to go to the Upload tab, browse to find the image, THEN SEND IT TO THE SERVER. The info tab then opens and click Insert.

INSERT A VIDEO - Simply copy the link on the Internet and paste it into the editor. The video will automatically appear.

When you copy and paste text and it doesn't look correct, you can select the text and click the Remove Formatting icon.

ATTACHING A FILE - In your text, type the name you wish to give your file then highlight it. Select the LINK icon. SEARCH and locate your file. UPLOAD it to the server. Click OK. Your file will be linked/attached.

Other New features include INSERT: