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Q1: Assignment #1 Layers



For this assignment you will be learning how layers work on Photoshop as well as getting accustomed to Photoshop's layout.
Additionally you will learn Photoshop tools like the move tool, type tool and various selection tools.




Step 1: Create a new folder on the desktop. the background of the computer.

  • With your mouse, right click on any free area on the desktop.
  • Select create a new folder
  • Click once on the name "New Folder" and write your name as well as the year "2019-2020".


Step 2: Download the images bellow.

Read and follow the following steps for help:


  • Make the internet window skinnier, allow yourself to see the desktop.
  • Use the left click on the mouse to click, and hold the click on one image.
  • Drag the image into your folder.



Step 3: Open Adobe Photoshop, it looks like this:



Step 4: Create a New File that is 11 inches wide and 8.5 inches long, 300 for resolution. This is called a landscape setting.




Step 5: Go to the top of Photoshop and click File > Open. Once you do that double click on Desktop and double click on your folder. Now select the images you want to open. I suggest you first open the bottom hamburger bun.


Step 6a: Once you open the image on Photoshop use the move tool (shortcut V on your keyboard) to double click on the lock icon to unlock the image.



Step 6b: After you unlock the image still using the move tool, you will move your mouse ontop of the the image itself. Click and hold the mouse, then drag your image to your new document's tab.



Step 7: You will do the same steps (5, 6a, and 6b)

    • Certain images will have a background, you will use the quick selection tool to select the background then delete it using the backspace/delete button on your keyboard.
    • The images may be big or small it will be on you to rezise them to a proper size. You can press Command T or go to Edit > Transform > Scale to change the size of an image, the key here is to click on the corners and hold shift while resizing the image.
Step 8: After you finish your burger, you will write your name on the document using the Type tool.
Step 9: Save the document as a Photoshop file (PSD), and a JPEG file inside your folder. Go to File > Save as... choose JPEG and MAKE SURE IS ON YOUR FOLDER


Create a new folder

Dragging images

Project video