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History of Graphic Design 2: Typography

Hey everyone. First I want to thank you all for completing the work for the first week of remote learning. You are all amazing and let’s keep it up. Also reminder I am available to respond to any text or email just from the hours of 8 am to 9 pm.


Ok here are the new instructions for this assignment (counts as a Quiz)

Step 1: Watch this documentary, it is made by high school students. There is no need to watch after the 30:00 minutes mark.

Or here


Step 2: Create a google document and copy and answer this questions:

  1. What is the main purpose of Typography?

  2. Where do we mainly see the use of Typography?

  3. How does typography help a product?

  4. What is the number one rule in Typography?

  5. Allegedly what does the word serif come from?

  6. What font is mainly used by NY MTA?

  7. What does Sans stand for?

  8. What does Serif  refer to?

  9. How did the ends of a serif font (thickening at the end of the letter) help make type more readable? 

  10. What are two examples of Sans Serif?

  11. How did the Movable Printing Press help the Serif fonts become standard?

  12. What is older: the printing press or serif fonts?

  13. What can we attribute for the rise of Sans Serif’s popularity?

  14. Which Font Type will be classic and easy to read?

  15. What can undermine the purpose of typography?

  16. Should a font fit the message of a product?

  17. What font is used everywhere?

  18. What was the inspiration for Helvetica?

  19. When was Helvetica introduced in the MTA system?

  20. Can a bad typeface ruin a product?

  21. How many signs with Helvetica did the students find in the subway station?


Step 3: Upload the google document to the new assignment in google classroom. You can also take a picture of it, if you did it in paper, and send it to me. Make sure you mark the work as “Turn in” in google classroom. 


Step 4: Do something for yourself to ease my mind during this weird times.


Deadline is Friday April 3rd at 10 pm.