Resources to Support Educators, Families, At-Home Workers, and Care-Givers During the Pandemic
Coping and Mindfulness Resources
This page includes resources and ideas to stay calm, manage stress, and address the anxiety you may experience during this crisis.

People are starting to find that they have time on their hands they never had before. Families are checking in on each other often. Social media is showing how people care about each other. They are sharing ideas, positive ways to occupy your time, and how we can reach out to each other virtually. 


From Ken Shelton @k_shelton: Remember the 4 M's of Mental Health. Mindfulness (awareness of our mental state), movement (walking, indoor exercise, etc.), mastery (control of what we actually can), and meaning (do something useful for yourself). Ken shared an image from Jasmine Keys @jasmine_keys:






Craig Shapiro @Shapiro_WTHS hosts #teachpos and shared 10 ways to stay calm under pressure. They do make lots of sense.

  1. Be grateful
  2. Think positively
  3. Get off the grid
  4. Get sleep
  5. Practice meditation
  6. Be active
  7. Don't play the victim
  8. Eat healthy
  9. Breathe fully
  10. Keep it in perspective



Stress Management Resources from Common Sense Media



Kindness in Quarantine - Reflections of our journey with swine flu and lessons learned for #COVIDー19 by Tamara Letter @tamaraletter




Brené Brown has a new podcast called "Unlocking Us." Listen to the full episode at

Breathing Breaks - If you find yourself anxious or having trouble focusing (which is understandable during this crisis), try some of these breathing breaks thanks to Meredith Johnson @mjjohnson1216. Click on the image to be able to read the ideas.


Exercise is always good. Keep moving. Here is a site from KQED: Kids in Motion - To learn more about Working on Wellness click here.