Resources to Support Educators, Families, At-Home Workers, and Care-Givers During the Pandemic

We are Better Together - What can we do to help others?



Have you heard about the World Central Kitchen where #ChefsforAmerica are responding to the #Covid19 -


You can donate, offer services, or help letting those who are hungry know about WCK.







Former NFL Linebacker Dhanni Jones from "Stand Together Live" spearheads Covd-19 Relief Effort - adapting through kindness  #GiveTogetherNow



#GiveTogetherNow is a rapid-response effort to get cash assistance into the hands of families most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Families can use this money for whatever is most pressing in their unique situation—to cover childcare, to pay the electric bill, to get food or medicine. We believe that families know best what they need most.



Invisible Hands is about volunteers making deliveries to
at-risk community members facing COVID-19