Resources to Support Educators, Families, At-Home Workers, and Care-Givers During the Pandemic

Teachers are being creative and trying the best they can to support their students remotely.
What about their own professional learning?


Rich Czyz, a principal in New Jersey, an author, and co-founder of Four O'Clock Faculty #40F, shared these ideas for a Remote PD Challenge:


Take this time to read some books that can help you calm your anxiety,
find your why, or improve your practice as an online teacher. 

Self-Care and Social Emotional Learning for Adults





Rushton Hurley from Next Vista for Learning presents webinars and other helpful tips for teaching online in the age of the CoronaVirus, "When Schools Close"



Concerns with the spread of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) have forced school leaders across the world to close their schools and dive into the deep end of the online instruction pool. We hope these free webinars provide ideas, guidance, and encouragement.


The resources are available as Creative Commons and are OER compliant