Meeting All Students' Needs
How do you differentiate learning?
Participants will research instructional design, review existing lessons, and design a lesson that differentiates instruction for the different learning styles of a group of students.

Each student is unique. Each classroom is unique. When a teacher designs a lesson, he or she needs to take in consideration the different learning styles and reading levels. 

Core understandings:

  1. No two children are alike.
  2. No two children learn in the same way.
  3. An enriched environment for one student is not necessarily enriched for another.
  4. We need to teach children to think for themselves.
  5. Each lesson can be designed to differentiate instruction.
Learning Objecives:
  1. Participants will analyze lessons for specific student populations.
  2. Participants will research instructional design.
  3. Participants will review different technologies to include in the lesson.
  4. Participants will design or adapt a lesson that differentiates instruction.
Differentiating Instruction
Learning Styles
Lesson Planning
Focus Content Area:
Professional Development
Grade Level: