By cece & momo      April 23, 2007 -- 07:47 AM
hey this is monique aka momo and candrea aka cece we just wanted to say hey and say we finished our project.BYE BYE NOW

By Sarah A.      March 15, 2007 -- 01:32 PM
Hi my name is Sarah and I am in the 9th grade at Pinellas Park High School. The last big project we had for biology was a project in which you had to do research on a certain part of a biome. If you where a botnist for the freshwater biome, which is what I was, you had to learn about all the plants of freshwater. After you finished your research and picked the plants you wanted to talk about, you had make a powerpoint on them. Now I would like to know what kind of projects you have been working on. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask me!!!

By hahaha      March 15, 2007 -- 01:32 PM

By Melina L      March 14, 2007 -- 12:44 PM
Hi my name is Melina and I am a student at Pinellas Park High. Our last major project in biology involved researching everything about a particular part of a biome. For Example: If you were a zoologist of the Deciduous Forest(that's what I was)then you had to know everything about the animals of the forest. After informing ourselves we were to make a powerpoint presentation telling everyone some of the things we had learned. Now that I have told you about my project, I want to know about the project that you are doing.If you've any questions than please contact me any time!!!

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