Depth of Knowledge
What Does It Mean For Teachers & Students?
MAP & the Fourth Cycle of MSIP

The resources listed here demonstrate how the DOK alignment has begun and how teachers and students will be affected and held accountable for DOK levels in the future. 


In the 2006 MAP results the DOK levels were assigned to standards and questions.  As teachers document their strengths and weaknesses, they can now use DOK levels to plan goals for their school and classroom. The MAP data, the IBD report, in particular, shows how the DOK levels were assigned to the GLEs and Standards assessed on the MAP. 

The MAP Analysis Chart is an important tool as we track the DOK levels, Question Types, and Process Standards that contribute to a classroom, school or districtís lowest scores. 

See examples of this information and itís importance in the following PowerPoint by the Jefferson City School District:

Analyzing MAP Data: Jefferson City School District

Goal Process IBD Report

The Very Near Future:

Soon many districts will be completing the fourth cycle of the MSIP process.  This Observation form reveals what team members will be anticipating during their classroom visits. * Note the DOK levels that will be documented during classroom observations.

The Fourth Cycle MSIP Observation Form

The Fourth Cycle MSIP Writing Report Form also demonstrates the importance of the DOK levels as the team members write their findings in the report as documented on page 8 of the form. 

The Fourth Cycle MSIP Writing Report Form