Conserving the Ecology of Tampa Bay - Are you a part of it?
How do humans impact ecosystems?
This project allows students to investigate how humans are a part of the ecosystems around them, without even knowing it.  Everyday things we do around our house affect the ecosystems miles away, but how?  Does the general public know they are harming the ecosystems around them? Letís educate them.

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Students will investigate water quality, nonsource point pollution and conservation.  They will go on data collection field trips to
three different parts of the bay (northern, middle and southern points). They will test the water quality of each location in Tampa Bay including salinity, pH, temperature,dissolved oxygen, turbidity, nitrate, phosphate and hardness.  Students will investigate how each of these factors effects the organisms in the ecosystems.

The final culminating event will be a community service project in the form of informative brochures and public service annnouncement podcasts, about the dangers of human impact on the marine ecosystems.
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