Feelin' Googley
Do you know about all the Google tools?
Narrow Your Search
You can do a lot more with Google search than just typing in search terms. Go to Google to Advanced Search to bring up results for:

  • ALL the search terms you type in
  • the exact phrase you type in
  • at least one of the words you type in or none of the words you type in
  • sites written in a certain language
  • files in a specific format i.e. .ppt or .doc
  • sites updated within a certain period of time
  • numbers within a certain range
  • a certain domain, or website
  • sites that do not contain "adult" material
There is so much in here but was confused.  I did a little searching to see if there were guides on searching. Found a great Google Guide - an online interactive tutorial by Nancy Bachman. At this site, you can download quick sample queries for your coffee cup:

Google Guide: Making Searching Even Easier
antioxidants coffee   the words antioxidants and coffee
doppio OR macchiato   either the word doppio or the word macchiato
"life with coffee spoons"   the exact phrase life with coffee spoons
+how to select tea   how, select, & tea (force Google not to ignore how)
darjeeling -tea   the word darjeeling but NOT the word tea
tea-house   the words tea-house, tea house, or teahouse
brew coffee ~tips   the words brew, coffee & both tips & its synonyms
coffee maker $19..$99   coffee makers between $19 and $99
wild coffee site:npr.org   wild coffee from the website npr.org
caffeine health site:edu   caffeine health from the .edu domain

or download a
Quick Cheat Sheet
by  By Nancy Blachman, Tasha Bergson-Michelson, & Jerry Peek. You can even download it as a PDF file from this site. Hereís a few of the tips from the Cheat Sheet.

link:   Find linked pages, i.e., show pages that point to the URL.    link:warriorlibrarian.com
(Find pages that link to Warrior Librarianís website.)

Provide definitions for words, phrases, and acronyms from the Web.
(Find definitions for kerning
from the Web.)

List web pages that are similar or related to the URL

Here's a crib sheet from Google on Search Tools (cribsheet.search.pdf). If you are looking for movies, the theaters and times for those movies, just type in movies:zipcode. I just did a search and now can see not only the movie theater times but a trailer and reviews.

You can also do a search for the weather in an area. Iím going to LA tomorrow and donít know the zipcode so put in weather:los angeles.

Another site that provides tips on searching is Google Tutor to check out their Google Manual.