Feelin' Googley
Do you know about all the Google tools?
Google Docs
Google Docs is an easy-to-use online word processor that enables you to create, store, share, and collaborate on documents. You can even import any existing document from Word and Simple Text. You donít need to have the same program on your computer. You can work from anywhere to access your documents.

As part of the Google Teacher Academy, we learned not only how to use and collaborate with others using Google Docs, we learned strategies on how to use Google Docs in the classroom. I would like to share a few steps and tips with the eCoach community.

Google Docs is part of Google Docs & Spreadsheets. This tip is only on Google Docs (used to be Writely). For either, you need a Gmail or Google account.
Click New Document
Start typing - really itís that easy.


  • As soon as you start typing the document is saved. Whatever your first few words are, they are listed as the title of your document. To change the title, go to File > Rename > type in your new title.

  • The document is saved every 20 seconds so if you make a mistake and want to go back, click on Revisions. You can always revert back to an older version. You can compare versions and see what others (yes - you can collaborate with others!) have added or changed.

  • You can insert pictures - but had a little trouble inserting jpeg. What is cool is that you can define how you want images to appear in the document. You can also insert links, comments, tables, bookmarks, separators, and special characters.

  • You can add people to collaborate (they need a Gmail or Google account) on this document.