Feelin' Googley
Do you know about all the Google tools?
Examples and Links
Crib sheet from Google on Google Docs

Using Google Docs in the classroom

Elementary school students collaborate to
  • read the same book and write a book report.
  • share their reflections of field trip.
  • create a story from a story prompt.
Middle school students collaborate to
  • write a science hypothesis about an experiment.
  • recreate an historical event.
  • develop a word math problem.
High school students collaborate to
  • create articles for the school newspaper.
  • write a script for play.
  • debate a current event.
Example in Action

At Palo Alto High School, CA, Esther Wojcickiís 9th-12th Journalism class, every student keeps their entire writing portfolio on Google Docs. The teacher checks and verifies which assignments have been turned in on a daily basis. Everything is  centrally located. Students are able to manage the entire writing process: share ideas, create revisions, and publish their final work. The teacher can track development of each writing assignment.

Many of these ideas came from Google.

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