Feelin' Googley
Do you know about all the Google tools?
Blogrolling and More
So now you created a blog and added several posts. How do you know if people are reading them?  How do you encourage others to leave a comment? How do you get your blog noticed by others with similar interests?

The best way of getting noticed is by communicating not just on your own blog, but on others too. Most blogs allow people to comment on posts. Public blogs either ask you to retype the encryption or login or register to the blog community. When you comment, leave your email and url of your blog. Others that read the blog, the post and your comment may find that they want to visit your blog from what you wrote.


If you have a public blog, use programs like
Bloglines to create an RSS Feed so anytime your blog is updated, your feed will be updated. You can share your feed through blogrolling (see below) with Bloglines. Using eCoach public blogs, you can also use the RSS Feeds to have others subscribe to your blog. Go to the September Tip to learn more.

Blogrolling automatically lists your site when it is updated at Weblogs.com, Bloglines and others. Greenspun maintains an unsorted page of journals and diaries (some not appropriate for educators). Blogger and Pitas each have a page of recently updated Weblogs. You can also consider listing your site on Technorati, Blo.gs and Linkwatcher. Technorati encourages blogrolling by claiming your site and including a link with pings to your site.

List and Share
A blogroll automatically updates a list of favorite blogs on your page. Another blogger does not have to link to you. Just think about it as an effective way to tell others that their efforts are appreciated and noticed. It is pretty cool when you see someone is linking to you - especially if that someone has an interesting blog that you want to link to.

Show Off
You can show off your public blog by getting it peer-reviewed. Submit it for review to Blog of the Day, register with BlogHop and Peer to Peer Project for others to rate and review your blog.  If you want your blog to be read beyond the blogging community, get it listed in search engines and directories. You can either submit it individually to each of them or use site-submission services.

Some of the resources I shared may not be appropriate for education but some of you are creating blogs outside of education.