Feelin' Googley
Do you know about all the Google tools?

Crib Sheet from Google on Google Earth in the Classroom.

Google Earth: Beyond your Backyard: video by one of the developers.

Tutorials and Tips:

Mechelle M. De Craene wrote in the not-yet-published 2nd edition of Terry Freedmanís great online book "Coming of Age: An Introduction to the New Worldwide Web called Storybook Settings by Satellite: Google Earth for Language Arts & Reading Class and you can read it in pre-publication form (https://terry-freedman.org.uk/artman/pujblish/article_978.php)

Geography Awareness Week Project - check out the interactive quiz

Vicki Miller
[vmiller1128@gmail.com] shared her project for her 4th graders on all 21 CA missions.

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