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Welcome to the Team Pages! This year you will be participating on various teams through out the year in our classroom. I say various because the teams will change players every six weeks. (so donít belittle someone because they could be on your team next) We will be starting off the year with some great team building games. These team building games will show us how important it is to be on a team and how a team works together.
We will be starting on August 25 in our first round of teams. You and your team will be able to earn points in numerous ways. Ways to earn points and point value system will be posted. At the end of each six weeks we will have a winners ceromony with awards for the team with the most points. There will also be two more awards given at this time. The All Around Student Awards  will be awarded to the individuals who earns the most points.
(One Boy and One Girl) I hope you are competitive!