Mrs. Blanton's Class
The Lion's Den
Point Values

There are a number of ways to earn points. I have a set point value system and a various point value system.

Set Point Value System:
Character Coupons = 10 points
Weekly Homework Completion  =  100 points
100% of Team Homework Completion = 1,000 points
100% on Spelling Test = 100 points
100% of Team gets 100% on Spelling Test = 1,000 points
Do Word Work Activity = 200 points
100% of Team Does Word Work Activity = 2,000 points
Memorize Multiplication Tables = 200 points
100% of Team Memorizes
Mult. Tables = 2,000 points
Box Tops & Labels 10 points for each one (they add up quickly)

Various Point Value System:
There will be many opportunites to earn points throughout the day. Points are given to teams and students at the teachers disgression as she sees fit.
For example, one day I may give 10 points to a team that is ready for writing first. Then on another day I may give 50 points for the same task. You just don’t know how generous I may be.
Ways to earn points, be on time, be prepared for subjects and for school, line up properly, follow directions, team wins at goofy games, getting caught being good, displaying good characteristics, being a team player, being generous, and many other ways.

Points = $$$
Keep in mind that some of the tasks above will also help you earn money for our economy classroom. You will get paid by your job but also by some of the tasks above.

Homework = $25 daily
100% Homework = $25 bonus
100% on Spelling Test = $50

Student of the Week Entry = $50

Win Student of the Week = $100
Most points for the week = $25 each team member