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Highlights of the Web
Clipmarks: a giant collection of information people clip from the Internet. Clipmarks is a user-powered news and knowledge web site. Users post the most interesting bits of information they find on the web and the community determines which ones get the most visibility by popping their favorites to the top. Only clips that are under 2,000 characters can get on the Clipmarks homepage.

You can find clips by searching or going through the sections based on the tags given to each clip or check the Front Page clips or the ones that people popped or top clips.

Add your own clips:
  1. Create a Clipmarks account (itís free) and then install the clipping tool.

  2. When you are on the website you want to clip information, you will now see a green paperclip on the toolbar. Click the Green Clip.

  3. While you move your mouse around the page, orange lines surround pieces of the page. Click inside the lines to clip that piece and the area will turn green with the words "Clipped". You can clip as many pieces of the page as you like. You can even clip from multiple pages and save it all in one clipmark.
    If you want more, right-click (or Ctrl-click for Macs) inside the orange lines to access the slider to expand the area covered by the orange lines.

  4. When youíre done, click Save in the clipping tool.

  5. The Save window letís you preview your clip, add a title, tags and comments, and make your clip public or private.

    After saving your clip it will be added to your page and to the New Clips section for everyone to see unless you checked private.

    In the post-save window you can email your clip, print it, or post it to social bookmarking/news sites like delicious, reddit and digg.