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What time is it there?

Trying to find the correct time should be easy. Thereís the Internet, your computer, cell phones, and atomic clocks. Look at your computer and if itís set right, the time and date should be there for you. If it doesnít show, go to your control panel (PC) or system preferences (Mac) to set up your date and time.

Above are screen shots from my Mac - I just realized I could set the computer to announce the time for me on the hour, or even the quarter hour. This might make me take breaks and stretch.

Iím coaching people around the country and world now and wanted to figure out the time it is in the other places. I need to know when I have to be available. Technology makes our life easier. We donít have to drive or fly there, but we need to be up and awake if we want to coach them.

The New World Clock is a java-script that automatically gives the exact time at the following places. It was fun seeing it change right before my eyes. But it doesnít help me figure out the actual day it is in Sydney.

It is 7:18 in San Francisco based on this clock. In Sydney it stated it was 1:18 - but what day, morning or afternoon? Plus Iím looking for the time in Canberra, Australia and it is not listed here.

I found a meeting planner (international calls planner) that gave me more details at World Time Zone and clicked on call planner. This planner allowed me to find the exact city where I will be coaching people during a hands-on workshop in Canberra, Australia. Now I wanted to go to the ACEC Conference, but this way I can be there virtually and support James Smith and Sylvester Robertson from my home in California.

The workshop is on Sunday in Canberra at 9am to 1pm. Now I know that I need to be available on Saturday 4pm.

This site has lots of advertisements so started checking for other sites that offer similar options.

The World Clock Meeting Planner has the same feature but does not offer as many cities. You can add an analog clock to your site by viewing source and copying the code into any of the text editors.

Check out the World Clock is Qlock - first you find the site using Qlock.

Either place your cursor over the place to see the current time or type in the cityís name.

Then you can add this cityís Qlock to your site by copying the source code. You can do this with the text editor in eCoach.