Web 2.0 and Fun Tools
What are the latest and coolest tools out there?
Image Embellisher

Why just use a picture the way it normally looks? How about changing your picture so it looks like a cube or another effect? Go to Chami.com where there are several
Free Web Tools including Image Embellisher.
  • Select an Image Effect (cube, sphere, cylinder, disc, wave, glass cube, marble shadow or transparent globe)
  • Browse for a picture on your desktop
  • Choose your output size for width and height (250 x 250 is default)
  • Send to the Image Embellisher
  • Then you get a preview and can download to your desktop as a .png file.
Here’s a picture from Gail Lovely from her safari in Kenya showing elephants by sunset that we turned into a sphere.

Then we opened this image in Graphic Converter to save the picture as a .jpg.

Some other free web tools from Chami.com include FavIcon from Pics  Buddy Icon from Pics and Online Image Splitter.