Mrs. Brown's Chemistry Classes
First Quarter 2019-2020

Welcome to your chemistry website

Look on this page and the assignment page each afternoon -

REFRESH your page to be sure you are seeing the latest changes.  Your computer may save the website as it was before changes were made to the assignments and links.

October 16th is PSAT day.  Look at Assignment page for any changes and missed work.

October:  2nd quarter extra credit-minimum of 5 points to test/quiz category

Make a mole:  click here for pattern,   click here for directions on sewing

Project due on the 23rd of October-Late work is not accepted!!!


9/25  Lab makeups are after school Thursday and Friday this week and Tuesday next week

Thursday 9/5  Check your grades!  Have you been absent?  Have you turned in any missed assignments?


Materials are due by Monday 8/19:       (These items are required every day)


  • One-subject large spiral notebook with a pocket page in front (one per semester)- pages will not be torn out.  Loose leaf paper will be kept in the pocket
  • One-subject smaller 70-page spiral notebook for Lab work – pockets are not necessary and pages will not be removed.
  • Planner or calendar to keep track of assignments, labs and tests
  • Materials pouch or Ziploc bag with the following: 
    • Colored pencils, highlighter, glue stick, blue/black pen, pencil with eraser and calculator. 


The materials pouch will be kept with the student to use throughout the day and if you need to purchase a calculator, the TI-84 is acceptable for both math and science classes.   The math department will sell this model for $99 if you are interested.  Otherwise, a scientific calculater is fine for just science.



Chemistry Lab Fees: On Friday, you will receive the form for lab donation fees for this class.


 Your online version of the textbook is located by clicking on the Connected icon in your clever page. 


Logging into Clever from Home on Your Own Computer (Student Directions):


Do I need a special browser to log into Clever?
Yes, the best browser to use with Clever is Google’s Chrome browser. You can install it on your computer by going to:
Once you have Google Chrome, follow the directions below to get to all your digital resources!
1. Go to
2. Choose the Student tab then click on the Clever link under Site Shortcuts
3. On the next page, click on the ‘Log In with Active Directory’ box
4. It will take you to the log in page where you will enter your PCS username and password.
5. If you get to this page, you have successfully logged into Clever and can now access your materials.

If you click on ConnectED (McGraw-Hill) it will take you right to this page.

Do you want the system to save your passwords so you don’t have to remember them?
Most of the programs you click on won’t make you log in again, but there are one or two that might ask you to enter your user name and password the first time you click on them. If you follow the steps below, you can install the Clever Chrome Extension and it will save those passwords for you.
1. Click on the pop-up window that appears in Clever the first time you log in to get the Clever Chrome Extension.
2. Click on the blue + ADD TO CHROME button. When it pops up click the ADD EXTENSION button.
You will know it has been installed when you see a little blue box with a white C in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser.