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KidBlog Startup

We have been blogging with KidBlog now for about two weeks.

Let's reflect on how we're doing so far!

Number of Questions: 8

Number of respondents: 145


How many posts have you published so as of today?

Legend:# of Results:
1: 181
2: 218
3: 314
4: 48
5: 51
6: more than 511
N/A: No Answer12


How many posts from other people have you commented on as of today?

Legend:# of Results:
1: 172
2: 216
3: 312
4: 49
5: 55
6: 6-107
7: more than 107
N/A: No Answer17


How many of your posts are one or two sentences long?

Legend:# of Results:
1: none54
2: a few49
3: most of them32
N/A: No Answer10


What topics have you posted so far?

Legend:# of Results:
1: Introduce yourself107
2: Favorite Section of the library26
3: Classroom project13
4: Travel14
5: Favorites15
6: Jokes and riddles17
7: Trivia challenges5
8: Reviews8
9: Other...share in the box below17
N/A: No Answer18

Additional Comments:
14) facts
17) facts
19) Animating,Drawing, 3D model work
20) Inviting people to see my play.
22) Spring Break
24) likes and dislikes
33) i posted storries
39) I also wrote on my favorite celebrity.
42) I have not posted yet
43) what I'm doing some times and what I'm reading.
45) none
48) I did not blog
52) My dog.
53) pets,animal report.
61) soccer,sports,spring break
62) broadway plays, 3rd grade quiz,and all about me

64) .soccer.video games.
72) family
85) talk about your family
87) about me
99) none
119) Friends
125) wierd life
132) I started writing my book Firelight.
134) Reviews and news
135) middle school, justin bieber
145) all


What do you like about your blogging experience so far?

1) I like how the blog lets us do assignments for classwork.
2) it helps improve my writing
3) I like to comment on other people's blogs and see what they say.
4) I think it is good.
6) I have not done it but know i will like it.
7) I think it's fun.
8) I like kid blog so far because you get the chance to write your opinions.
9) writing
10) I think it's a good experience for kids.
11) riddles
12) I like it a lot because you can learn how to blog when you get older.
13) That you can talk with other kids at bayfarm.
14) you can talk to friends on line.
15) great
16) you get to share your thoughts.
17) I like chatting online
18) Having the freedom to tell some of your favorite memorabilia to others.
19) I like the blogs because we get to share about each other and review books in a creative new way.
20) That I get to communicate with my friends outside of school.
21) I think it is a good way to communicate with other students. It is also good for the teachers because they can look at what we are saying.
22) What I like about my blogging experience so far is being able to write and communicate online.
24) My experience was O.K.
26) I haven't gone on my blog yet
27) I like that I can show my friends what I'm thinking.
28) Im excited to blog I havent yet
29) its really fun
30) I'm excited about starting a blog it seems so cool.
31) everyone can stay in touch
32) To read what other people write.
33) i think this blogging thing is peaty cool
35) You can learn new things about people and leave comments.
36) I have not started bloging but I will soon
37) I am exited about starting a blog
38) don't like it because i just don't
39) I like the blogging experience because it is fun and awesome.
40) we can stay in touch
41) I am getting it done and I am excited about that!
42) I have not posted yet
43) What I really like about blogging is that I get to comment on anything I want and I get to talk about the things that I am doing in class and stuff like that.
44) That you can wite about anything

45) you can change the font
46) it is fun because you get to comment.
47) I'm not really that excited because I am used to it from gmail.
48) I did not blog
50) I don't know
51) I'm realy exited to publish a riddle or a joke or at least something.
52) What I like about my blogging experience so far is that you can read about peoples spring breaks
53) all of it
55) that its fun
56) Commeting on peoples blog
57) it is so fun and great
58) My experience of blogging is good.
59) to write
60) I get to type and I love to type
62) i really enjoy blogging bu ti don't really have time to.
63) typing and commenting.
64) it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
65) i like making and reading blogs
66) It helped me tipe.
68) nooooooot really
69) I like that my typing and reading other blogs
70) It helps me type better.
71) it helps my typing
72) it helps me read better
73) You get to know more about people.
74) I like like that my spelling and reading other blogs
75) I like that you get to pick the color you want to use and I think that it's improving my writing.
76) not a lot
77) it is fun to tipe to your friends at school
78) explor people
79) It,s fun!!!
80) it is sooooo fun!!!
82) color
84) i think it is really fun so far
85) i like it cause the font it can make it big or small.
87) have not
88) that it is really fun
90) I have not done much blogging yet.
91) nothing
92) It is like Email
93) I think it is a wounderful idea.
94) that it is fun.
95) I like it that you can change the color and size of your font and that the comments are approved before I see them so there's nothing bad in it.
96) myself
97) I can't wait until we get to look at 4th & 5th grades blogs because I saw a 5th grader's blog and I saw there was something about me.
98) tuyping
99) it can change the font size
100) Everything!
101) I get to look at other peoples blogs.
102) Nothing really.
104) i like it alot
105) it helps me typ
106) the typing
107) the typing
108) i dont have time

109) I have not tried it yet but I am really looking forward to it.

110) That you can read everyones blog
111) i love it so far and i think i'm going to love it all the way through.
112) It lets me type about myself and other things. I also like typing.
113) i would like to blog more but i have not had enough time!!!
114) I learn about more people.
116) It's really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
117) I like that you can publish it and comment on other blogs
118) Everything!
119) I like how alot of people commented on my posts.
120) its really cool
121) you get to write as many things as you want
122) What I like about my blogging experience so far is that I like writing stories in my life or other stuff.
123) I found out that the font can be changed
124) It is fun
125) i like how people share things to one another and peoples comment
126) I love it.
127) I am not super excited,but I think it would let students share stuff with other people.
128) I am not super excited,but I think it would let students share stuff with other people.
129) It makes us better tipers.
130) It is fun for me because I finally have my own blog.
132) I get to share my opinions and my ideas and stories that can amaze some friends.
134) it's easier to share things so you dont have to tell everyone
135) I love being able to blog it is so fun!!!
136) Its fun
137) I like the color fonts.
138) You get to talk about whatever you want.
144) I like about it because you can look what others are doing and you can talk about stuff
145) I like it so much because you can share things


What are some of the challenges you have had so far?

1) writing
2) getting my posts up because it has to go through ms clememnt
3) I have no problems.
4) Thinking about what to type.
5) i was starting a new post and i must have pushed something becouse it eresed it.
6) none
7) I had no challenges.
8) None
10) I haven't had any challenges so far.
11) thing about what to write
12) My challenge in my blog was how to post my picture up.
13) Coming up with jokes and riddles.
14) finding what to post.
15) none
16) thinking of things to write about.
17) typing a lot
18) None.
19) None.
20) None
21) Some of the challenges I get are what to write about and who to comment on.
22) I have had no challanges so far.
24) I had no challenges.
26) I have not been on my blog yet
27) No challenges so far.
28) no challenges yet
29) nothing
30) My challenges are to think of what to blog about.
31) my typing is slow
32) To read the font size.
35) A challenge i have had is remembering your password.
38) my password

39) Some of the challenges I had making up the title.
40) my typing is slow
41) None.
42) I have not posted yet
43) I really have not had any challenges so far when I've been blogging.
44) no chalenges
45) none
46) my pasword
47) I have not had any challenges so far yet.
48) I did not blog
49) remembering
50) I can't find password.
51) I realy haven't come to any challenges because i did not start yet.
52) none
53) nothing
54) none
55) none
56) none
57) none
58) none
59) nothing
60) none
63) None
64) none
65) none
66) none
67) none
68) none
69) NONE
70) I am getting in trouble a lot.
71) none
72) none
73) none
74) typing
75) none
76) none
77) none
79) None
80) none
82) submiting
83) not
84) i have not had any jet

86) sending your post
87) none
88) none
90) None.
91) none so far
92) none
93) none
94) none of them.
95) I sometimes don't know what to write on my blog.
96) nothing
97) no
98) none
99) dont have any time
100) None
101) the computer is slow sometimes
102) I didn't have any.
103) I don't have time.
104) none
105) none
106) my homework gets in my time
107) my homework gets in my time
108) i forgot my passcode
109) My parents won't let me go online.
111) none
112) I have not had much time to blog that much but, I managed to have time to blog once
113) well i have to teenagers as siblings and their almost always on late at night when im already asleep!
114) none really
115) ): I'm sorry I don't have enough time. ):
116) Nothing.
118) Posting pics
119) I wish I could send posts directly to one person or a group,not the whole 4th grade.
120) learning how to post blogs
121) trying to post
122) Some of the challenges I have had so far is having a hard time thinking what to write on the blog because you just want to go on the blog and write something.
123) For me, trying to get something you can understand, but funny also.
124) putting pictures on the blog
125) riddles in the balog
126) I had none.
127) There have not been any challenges for me.
128) There have not been any challenges for me.
129) none
130) Some of my challenges are trying to blog about some projects
132) I can't always choose the right color to blog in, and I don't have a lot of comments.
134) none
135) I havn't had any challenges yet.
136) none
137) Picking a color font that people can read
138) There are not so many challenges.
144) Nothing
145) more tall


What do you want to learn how to do next for your blog?

1) I want to learn how to post photos on Kid Blog.
2) videos
3) Import pictures to my blog.
4) i don't know.
5) how to post picturs
6) post pictures
7) I want to learn about animals and their habitat
8) I want to learn how to insert pictures.
9) to learn how to post photos
10) Nothing.
11) learn how to do photos
12) I think I already learned everything.
13) How to cut and paste stuff on your blog
14) i don't know
15) how to post pics
16) put pictures on my blog.
17) pictures
18) Save videos.
19) I'm pretty sure I know how to use everything.
21) What I want to learn to do is make it juicer so more people read it.
22) I want to be able to post pic`s.
24) I want to learn how to post movies.
26) I don't know
27) hot to put photos on it
28) I dont know
29) how do you put up pictures
30) I want to learn how to post pictures.
31) putting on pictures & and videos
32) How to post a video.
33) ?
35) I want to learn how to put pictures .
36) I want to learn how to put picturs
37) how to put pics.up
38) nothing
39) I want to upload pictures.
40) how to put on pics & videos
41) I want to learn everything.
42) How to put on videos
43) What I want to learn next in blogging is putting pictures on it.
44) post videos
45) ????????????????????????
47) I want to learn about how to put movies on the blog

48) I did not blog
50) Writing
52) I would like to know how to change the background
53) ????????
55) noting
56) how to get photos for my blog
57) my spring break
58) put pictures
59) to know how to paste pictures on the blog
60) how to get on it
62) pictures,short movies
63) putting up pictures
65) put pictures on my blog
66) Put photos on the blog
67) How to paste pitchers.
68) nothing
69) TO put pics on my post
70) How to post pictures on my blog.
71) nothing
72) post pictures
73) How do you post pictures
74) posting pictures
75) How to post pictures
76) what are good resstaunts
79) nothing
80) nothing
82) ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ???
83) about my amimal
84) i am not sure yet
85) what should i do next
87) 3d images
88) I dont want to leran anything
90) Put pictures on my blog.
91) no idea
92) nothing
93) nothing
94) nothing
95) I want to learn how to put a picture on my blog.
96) my animal
97) nothing really
98) pitchurs
99) haw to post vidios
100) pictures
101) post pictures.
102) Pictures.
103) I want to learn how to put pictures on.
104) idk
105) pictures
106) how to put photos on my posts
107) how to put photos on my posts
108) to put in pic
109) How to put pictures on my blog.
110) 3D and Pictures
111) nothing
112) I want to learn how to post pictures and type in font and learn how to put my letters in color.
113) upload pictures
114) put pictures on
115) I would like to learn how to post pictures and post word bubbles
116) How to up load pictures on my blog
118) I don't know
119) Add pictures.
120) add pics
121) post
122) nothing really
123) How to put pictures on the blogs
124) pictures
125) i would do travle.I want to learn how to put pictures
126) I don't really know.
127) I would like to show keynote presentations.
128) I would like to show keynote presentations.
129) How to post a vidio.
130) How to use different fonts
132) To put movies and pictures on.
134) attach videos and pics
135) How to upload
ad videos
136) nothing
137) Add pictures
138) I want to learn how to put Pictures.
144) Anything what Ms.Cloment says
145) talk about Korean historys


I think that blogging will improve my writing skills.

Legend:# of Results:
1: Strongly Agree50
2: Agree68
3: Disagree14
4: Strongly Disagree7
N/A: No Answer6
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