How parents want to see their children educated?

Purpose of Education

By Bob      December 12, 2006 -- 09:26 AM
As a father of two children (son is 10 and daughter is 13), I want my kids to be able to read and write but I want more than that for them. I want them to be able to pursue their American Dream and to contribute to their community by being good citizens.  What do you see as the primary purpsoe of education?  What do you want for your own children?
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Technology and Student Engagement

By Bob      December 2, 2006 -- 07:28 AM
What do you see as the role of technology in classroom learning?
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Student Engagement in Learning

By Bob      November 28, 2006 -- 09:54 AM
I would like to invite parents who have children in the VUSD school district to participate in this blog. This blog is meant to be one way to encourage reflection and communication with our parents and educational community. Please refrain from naming and making derisive comments about individual teachers or administrators.  I will have a different topic weekly and you are encouraged to participate.

How would you like to see classroom teachers engage your students in learning?

What activities and learning have you found engages your own son or daughter in learning?
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Parent Interest in Their Child's Learning
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