Feelin' Googley
Do you know about all the Google tools?
Navigation Tips
Google Earth is a Geo Browser like Firefox that provides you a new way to search your world.

The navigation controls appear in the top right corner of the 3D viewer. They offer the same type of navigation action that you can achieve with mouse navigation, plus some additional features.

To quickly load Google Earth faster while you zoom, turn the terrain off.

Mouse over the compass to bring up the navigation controls.

Use the plus to zoom in and the minus to zoom out.

Double-click on either button to zoom all the way. Double-click and Right click to zoom out.

Tilt the earth using the top bar with the x's. Tilt to the left to tilt up towards a vertical view or bird's eye view. Tilt to the right for a horizontal view.

N points north. Rotate the earth by grabbing the N and scrolling left or right.

Zoom in Using a Placemark

A placemark is a visual notation that marks a location. Each placemark appears as a pushpin with a label.

  1. Go to the Places Panel to the Sightseeing folder.
  2. Click open the Grand Canyon folder and double-click on the Grand Canyon place entry to zoom to the Grand Canyon.