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New Search Engine: Google Squared
By Barbara Bray    October 25, 2009 -- 09:49 AM

Tom Barrett just wrote a great guide to a new search engine designed by Google: Google Squared from their Google Labs. Saw a retweet of his link on Twitter. Instead of me trying to reinvent the wheel, I suggest you go to his Blog: ICT in the Classroom for detailed instructions. Google keeps breaking the mold on innovation and social networks keep opening the door to new ideas and tools.

Google Squared a great tool for teachers and just about anyone who wants more than links. There are preselected search terms on this first page, so I squared "roller coasters" and got this.

I tried testing the system and put in very specific search terms. It worked. Now itís a matter of testing the search results for credibility and authority. Check Google Squared out and letís see if this changes how we do research.

Categories: "Research" "Search" "Google Squared" "Google"

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