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Access to Team Lists

By Barbara Bray      December 14, 2010 -- 04:26 PM
Team managers now can export the contact information for the members of their team.

On the Team Manager, the eCoach has access to loads of tools. Now there's a link to Export Roster right above the roster to the left of Send Message to Team.

The list is exported as a .csv (comma separated file) by first name, last name, email address, and more. The eCoach has access to the team manager on their team page.
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New team reporting tools

By Sara Zimmerman      December 10, 2009 -- 10:28 AM
Team managers can now provide even more focused support to their team members by using our new team reporting tools. You can see who is using what tools, how often, and view by each team tool or by each member. Bring up a report and send messages to team members right from that report. We added an At-A-Glance chart that gives you activities in a bar chart by date plus you can compare activities by different dates.

Screenshot of our new team reporting tools

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