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Follow any Blog
By Charlotte McGovern    May 19, 2009 -- 03:24 PM

You can choose any blog in My eCoach to follow and be automatically notified when a post or comment is added to the blog. 

Find a previously chosen blog you want to follow from My Locker > My Blogs. On your Blog Home, you can find blogs to follow from:
  • your team or that have been shared with you by invitation
  •  the My eCoach staff including the Conversation Corner
  • Community or Public blogs by clicking on Community/Public at the top of the Blog Home and then search by interest or by author

Click on (Add to Favorites) to the right of the blog’s title. This will add that blog to your Blog home if it is not there already, and to your sidebar.

If you have chosen a new blog to follow return to Blog Home. Find the blog you want to follow. Click on the envelope image to the right of the blog’s title


Choose how you would like to be notified. Then click Save.

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