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Useful Posts for Teachers

By Sara Zimmerman      June 10, 2010 -- 11:23 AM
Barbara coachingIf you are setting up or participating in an online community, training, or coaching program, we suggest following the Rethinking Learning blog by Learning Strategist and My eCoach CEO, Barbara Bray. Bray writes a regular column on professional development for the OnCue Journal and has been involved in coaching and mentoring in numerous organizations around the world. Hereís quick links to the latest three posts:
  • Tread Softly on Their Dreams - Sir Ken Robinson talk explains about doing your passion, doing what you are good at and personalizing learning. Not everyone is supposed to go ...   more...
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June's Featured Projects and Spotlights

By Sara Zimmerman      June 10, 2010 -- 11:22 AM
Featured Projects
eLibrary Spotlights
We look for resources and projects that go the extra mile. Featured Projects are authored by one or more My eCoach members. They have multiple activities, images, resources, inks, embedded files, standards, and more. When you login to My eCoach and visit eLibrary Spotlights in the eLibrary, you will access additional activities, vocabulary, extension ...   more...
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Educational News, Grants and Updates

By Sara Zimmerman      June 10, 2010 -- 11:22 AM
Noteworthy updates from the educational community

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Teacher Summertime Resources and Opportunities

By Sara Zimmerman      June 10, 2010 -- 11:19 AM
Just because summer is here doesnít mean that learning stops. Here are some great resources and opportunities for teachers over the summertime:

Summer Teacher Opportunities:
Resources for the Summer:Contact us if you would like professional development or help in setting up an online coaching program for the summer or fall. ...   more...
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Empowering teachers interview with Barbara Bray

By Sara Zimmerman      June 9, 2010 -- 04:15 PM
Teresa Roebuck, president of Global Association of Teacher Empowerment (GATE) interviewed Learning Strategist and My eCoach CEO, Barbara Bray. The interview focused on empowering and ways to motivate teachers, tools for promotion, finding strengths, etc. You can listen to Teresaís full length interview of Barbara Bray here: 

Barbara Bray
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This interview is just one of the many resources provided by GATE. The intent of GATE is to support the nationís novice teachers in their professional lives by helping teachers connect - or reconnec...   more...
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Building Trust in Your Online Community

By Sara Zimmerman      June 8, 2010 -- 11:00 AM
There usually is one manager of an online community. The manager can be called a community manager, a team manager, or an eCoach. The members of your community will need to trust you to feel safe in your community. Here are seven tips to ensure a trusting relationship with the members of your community.
  1. Personalize your Community

  2. Lead by Example

  3. Be True to Yourself

  4. Share What You Learn

  5. Learn from Mistakes

  6. Be Consistent

  7. Let it Go

Building a trusting online community can take weeks maybe months. Trust is vital to the health of your community. Click here to read the thorough explanation by Barbara Bray...   more...
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