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Example Communities continuing next year
By Barbara Bray    May 25, 2007 -- 07:11 PM

The New Teacher Center (UCSC), CA: adding more principal candidates across seven regions using the customized Individual Development Plan (IDP) builder. This year some will be providing evidence on their ePortfolios.

San Diego County of Education Leadership Services, CA: adding another 200 administrators as part of the required AB 430 training required for their admin clear credential. The program is growing beyond their county.

eMINTS eCoach Program, MO: continuing into their fourth year with Veteran eMINTS teachers using eCoach. eMINTS just received funding for 100 new eMINTS classrooms that focus on math and science.

East Bay BTSA: Alameda USD, CA will be continuing and expanding their coaching program as a pilots for the bay area.

Special Ed TLD, WA: Special Ed teachers around Washington state continue to develop individual learning plans and collaborate with other SpEd teachers and receive support from their eCoach, evaluator, and vendors.

San Francisco State University, CA: More courses are being developed in eCoach where students create evidence of learning as ePortfolios.

Bend LaPine Schools, OR: Coaching program where teachers design lessons aligned to their text book, Oregon standards and demonstrate meeting the goals in their individual learning plans.

more later...

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